What is O.P.I. GelColor?


O.P.I. GelColor is a gel, but wears and looks like nail polish and is applied as such.

The only difference is that O.P.I. GelColor has to harden under a LED lamp for 30 seconds between layers (base, color and topcoat). After complete application, O.P.I. GelColor is dry immediately and is scratch and impact resistant! You simply leave the salon without considering any drying time.
Very important: O.P.I. GelColor does not damage the natural nails.

O.P.I. GelColor will stay on your natural nails for about 2 weeks (depending on the quality of your own finger nails) and keeps its beautiful shine.
Therefore, this treatment is perfect for holidays, parties, for brides and of course for the fashionista with busy agenda.

O.P.I. GelColor is also very suitable for toe nails and in that case remains immaculate for an average of about 4-6 weeks.
Note: infected toenails can not be treated with O.P.I. GelColor!
This is to prevent infection.

Removing O.P.I. GelColor is done by soaking in O.P.I.’s Expert Touch remover wraps for 25 minutes. This can be done either at home or in the salon.
For home use, Hand & Foot Treatment Store offers handy D.I.Y. kits.

O.P.I. perfectly aligned the colours of the nail polishes with those of the gelcolorws and we therefore recommend to purchase the corresponding nail polish so small accidents or outgrowth can be retouched, to enhance your manicure even longer.