Dear Clientèle,

First I would like to thank all my loyal clients for their support the past few weeks! It has given me a lot of energy that so many of you support me by sweet messages, buying giftvouchers and products. I’m very grateful for that, it really helped me through this weird period.

From monday may 11th the salon will be open again for treatments. I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

I may give treatments again subject the following conditions;

  • Stay at home if you suffer from COVID19 related complaints such as running nose, cough, sneezing or fever. Also if one of your housemates suffers from the above symptoms.
  • Please be on time at your appointment. Not to late and not to early so you don’t need to wait to long in the salon. Please bring your own slippers if you have a pedicure appointment.
  • On arrival we both need to wash our hands and disinfectant handgel is available. I will wear a face mask during the manicure treatments.
  • There will be no magazines to read, you may bring your own.
  • After each client the salon will be strictly cleaned. Doors, chairs, tools and pin machine.
  • As you are used to, you cannot pay by cash at Hand & Foot Treatment Store. Please pay by contactless or online request.
  • Please, come alone to your appointment, no family or friends.